HyperLaminate Solver

The HyperLaminate Solver (HLS) uses classical laminated plate theory to analyze composite laminates subject to various in-plane and thermal loading conditions.

The solver is integrated into the HyperLaminate module of HyperMesh. The following functionalities are provided:
  • to define and edit HLS loadcases
  • to select a subset of HLS loadcases for analysis for each laminate
  • to perform the analysis
  • to review the results of the analysis for each laminate
  • to export the results to an external file
When a laminate is selected from the Laminate browser, an Assign LoadCases button is present in the lower left corner of the Define/Edit pane. This button launches the LoadCase Definition GUI, allowing you to select which HLS loadcases the current laminate will be analyzed for.

Figure 1. . The LoadCase Definition dialog allows you to select loadcases for the current laminate.
Once the desired loadcases are selected, the analysis can be performed for the current laminate by clicking Calculate. Once the analysis is complete several results tabs will appear in the Review/Results pane, namely:
  • Stiffness/Material Matrix
  • Mid-Plane Results
  • Global System Results
  • Material System Results
  • Principal Results
  • Invariant Results

These results will remain so long as the laminate is not updated. Once a laminate is updated, the results will no longer be valid and therefore the results tabs are removed. Clicking Calculate will re-launch the HyperLaminate Solver and populate the results tabs for the updated laminate definition.