H3D Model Export Options

Options used when exporting models

Compression Maximum % loss
Suggested amount that the model's values can be perturbed when compressed. The value you provide will be compared to the results of an error estimation function to allow your compression algorithm to maintain an acceptable level of accuracy for your data. However, even a percentage of zero may result in some loss due to minute rounding errors.
All models
Export all the models in the window to individual files when two or more models are loaded.
The active model will be exported to the file name shown in the dialog. All inactive models will be exported using the following naming convention: <filename>.x.h3d, where "x" increases incrementally as required. For example, the active model is exported as LSP.h3d, while the other (inactive) models will be exported as LSP.1.h3d, LSP.2.h3d, and so on.
The resulting exported H3D files are complete files which can be used independently. These files can be abstracted from the original session that exported them and used in a new session.
To read the exported files back into HyperView they must be loaded one file at a time using the Overlay option in the Load Model panel.
Entity attributes
Output specific attributes assigned to the model's entities, such as color and transparency. If deselected, the default attributes will be used when the file is loaded.
Include Masked Elements
Export all masked elements with the model.
Export any animation settings applied.
Include sets
Export all sets with the model.
Export result values with the model. If not selected, only the model and animation are exported.
View Attributes
Output all attributes assigned to the model during a HyperLife session. If deselected, the default attributes will be used when the file is loaded.
Create an HTML file for use with HyperView Player.
Preview Image
Export a preview image.
Note: When exporting CFD data to an H3D file:
  • If there is a streamline created for at least one rake, the exported H3D file will contain the datatypes/datasets used by the CFD/Streamlines panel. In addition, all of the rake definitions and streamline settings/display options will also be captured in the H3D file.
  • If there are no streamlines available in the model, the exported H3D file will not contain any datatypes/datasets solely used by the CFD/Streamlines panel. In addition, none of the rake definitions or streamline settings/display options will be captured in the H3D file.