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Altair HyperLife 2021 Release Notes

New Features

Batch Run Submission
The Batch submission tool is enabled using the Batch icon within the Utilities group. The Batch submission tool invokes the Batch Run dialog where the XML input file is uploaded. This will facilitate running HyperLife jobs at a later time with an input file created in the Evaluate tool.
Export XML file
The run setup in HyperLife can be exported as a XML file, which can be used at a later time for Batch Run Submission. The XML file contains all the settings (approach, type, mean stress correction option, material assigned, and load mapping) to execute a Fatigue run in HyperLife. The XML file can be text edited for user manipulation. Use the Export button in the Evaluate tool to write the XML into the working directory. The created XML file will have the file prefix as the run name with a *.xlm file extension.
Log file
A log file (*.log) is created after the run is executed in the working directory. The log file will contain the following information: analysis type, events created, materials assigned to part/set, and evaluation time.
MORROW damage model for EN Multiaxial
MORROW tension damage model (mean stress correction option) for Strain Life (EN) Multiaxial analysis is available. The selection options are dynamically updated in the EN tool when Multiaxial type is selected.
Scale and Offset option in MATERIAL tool
The Scale and Offset options are available for the stress history scaling in the Material tool. With the SN and EN approaches, users can now enter Scale and Offset values for individual components/sets, which applies to the specific type of material assigned. The Scale and Offset options are also present in the Load Map tool which applies to all the components selected for analysis.
Tool tip in Load Map tool
Tool tips are available in the Load Map tool. The tool tip will highlight the Channel and Subcase/Loadcase name from the Input file in the event window.


Input number of critical planes
The number of critical planes is available as a user input option. This is supported for both Uniaxial and Multi axial methods (shell models only).
Enhanced FKM mean stress correction option
When the FKM mean stress correction option is selected for Stress Life (SN) with Uniaxial and Multiaxial method, additional user input options are available in the Material tool. The FKM Mean Stress Sensitivity (MSS) value can be input separately for the four regions in the Haigh diagram (based on FKM recommendation).
Performance improvement with Vibration Fatigue Analysis
With Vibration Fatigue Analysis, analysis time is improved when subsequent runs are performed in the same session.

Resolved Issues

  • User defined sets not retained in *.hlf file is resolved.
  • Rainflow matrix showing wrong number of cycles for Random Fatigue Analysis is resolved.

Known Issues

  • When single column Load history files (CSV format) are loaded in the Load Map tool, there is a known issue with application error. The work around is to modify the CSV file inserting a pseudo first column.
  • There is a known issue with Auto and Cross correlation terms with Vibration Fatigue. While creating an Event in the Load Map tool with Vibration Fatigue loading type, HyperLife automatically creates Auto correlation and Cross correlation pair/terms for all the selected subcases/loadcases. There is a known issue when any combination of terms of no interest are manually deleted; the wrong results will be output. The user is advised to retain all the terms/pairs which are of no interest without assigning any PSD channel. These unassigned/blank terms (without any PSD channels) are excluded from the calculation.