Nastran2 Page

Macros supported by the Nastran2 macro menu.

Convert Degenerate Second Order Shells

Use the Convert Shells macro to convert degenerate second order shells into first order shells.

  1. Select the file for which the second order shell elements are to be converted.
  2. Click Convert.
    Messages are displayed in the message box, which state the name and location of the new file as well as the file where all the unconverted second order shells will be placed.
    Note: You can import the Nastran file directly, and all the degenerate second order shells will be written into the .hmx file. In doing this, you will miss all the degenerate second order shells in the imported Nastran file.

Display and Expand the SET

Use the Display SETs macro to review and expand (before renumber) SETs.

  1. Choose the SETs from the Selection column.
  2. Click Display.
    • "HM SET" means the ID in the SET can be renumbered.
    • "TEXT SET" means the ID in the SET cannot be renumbered.
    • Empty SET cannot be viewed or renumbered.

Create Tags on Nodes

Use the Tag on Nodes macro to create a tag on every node that has a comment in its 10th field.

  1. Choose the color of the tags.
  2. Click Create.

Create SPOINTs

Use the SPOINT macro to create SPOINTs.

  1. Input nodes in the Node ID(s) window using any the following formats:
    • 2
    • 100 THRU 200
    • 13,24,25
    • 13 14 15
    • 13 THRU 25,30 50
  2. ClickAdd.
    The new SPOINTs are created and added to the SPOINTS window.
    Note: SPOINTs are treated as NODEs. Delete them as you would NODEs.