Convert to Rigid Macro

Use this macro to convert deformable parts of an LS-DYNA model to rigid.

  1. Click Tools in the Utility menu.
  2. Click Convert to Rigid.
  3. Select the elements to convert to rigid and click proceed.
  4. Select an existing rigid component in the model for merging the newly created rigid body and click Proceed.
  5. Click return.
The Convert to Rigid macro performs the following steps when the selected elements are converted to rigid.
  1. For the selected elements, a check is performed on the comps for rigid (MAT_RIGID or matl20) or deformable materials (all, except matl20). If deformable materials exist, rigid materials (MAT_RIGID) are created with the properties from the original deformable materials. A check is performed for rigid materials that are already defined. If rigid materials are found, the comps and rigid materials are retained.
  2. Comps located partially within the window are split into two comps. The new comp has the same property (section ID) but new material (Material ID). For example, if A-pillar is partially within the window, then a new comp A-pillar_rig is created. A-pillar_rig is updated with newly created material.
  3. All the spotwelds and rigids located entirely within the window are removed. For example, *CONSTRAINED_NODAL_RIGID_BODY_option, *CONSTRAINED_NODE_SET, *CONSTRAINED_SPOTWELD, and *CONSTRAINED_GENERALIZED_WELD_option.
  4. For spotwelds that are connected from the deformable body to the rigid body, an extra node is created and referenced by the main rigid body.
  5. A check is performed to detect joints located partially or entirely within the window. Detected joints are deleted.
  6. A check is performed to detect springs located partially or entirely within the window. Detected springs are deleted.
  7. A check is performed to detect seatbelt elements (seatbelt elements, Retractor, Pretensioner) located partially or entirely within the window. Detected seatbelt elements are deleted.
  8. Main and secondary comps are defined, for example, CONSTRAINED_RIGID_BODIES. You are prompted to select a comp for main rigid body. A secondary set is created with the newly created rigid bodies, except the main rigid body comp.
  9. A message is displayed when the conversion is complete.