Set Up the Simulation Model

Use the Physics tool to define the global AcuSolve settings used in the simulation.

Based on the selected model, required attributes in domains and boundaries will change.

  1. Open the Physics tool in the following ways:
    • From the Flow ribbon, click the Physics tool.

      Figure 1.
    • Right-click in empty space in the Setup Browser and select Global Settings.
    The Setup dialog opens.
  2. Under the Physics models setting:
    1. Use the radio buttons to select either a single phase or multiphase flow.
    2. Select the sub-simulation type.
    3. Define relevant parameters.
      The options exposed are dependent on the simulation and sub-simulation type.
      • Click to access more options.
      • Click to calculate the time step size based on the CFL number.
  3. Click Solver controls and define the solver settings.