Perform a Solver Check Run

  1. Click the Manufacturing Solution tab then click HyperXtrude/HyperMold > Solution > Check run.

    Figure 1.
  2. From the File type drop-down menu, select a solver type.
  3. Select the current and reference solver version.
  4. Select an OUT file comparison option.
    Option Description
    Check Run Input file (solver deck) is solved for 0 ms and displays the Run status.
    Out Ref. Compare Input file (solver deck) is solved for 0 ms and displays the run status. The .out file generated after the solver check run is compared with the Reference .out file
    OUT Compare The Input.out file is compared with the reference .out file.
    OUT File Comparison The Input file (solver deck) is solved for 0 ms in the Current and Reference solver versions. The generated .out files are compared.
  5. Specify a Reference OUT file if needed.
  6. Click Check Run to output your solution.
  7. Under Result file, click Status to view the status of the solver model check run.
  • The message log file displays the current status of processes in progress. Click Status/Diff to display the respective report. The message log file is a text file and is saved to your output directory.
  • Click Html Report to generate an HTML report of your session information for any number of files run through the process.