Compare CAD Import Versions

For all CAD files supported in HyperMesh, data read into HyperMesh can be compared across HyperMesh versions.

Geometric entity comparison includes:
  • Points, lines, surface, solids, assemblies, components, surface area comparison, surface metadata, edge/line length comparison (red, green, yellow, blue).
  1. Click the CAD tab then the CAD-Import HM Versions tab.

    Figure 1.
  2. Select the CAD input file from the Import type drop-down menu.
  3. Select the current and reference solver version.
  4. Enter a Tolerance value for use in the comparison.
    Tip: Click Native Reader to enable a native reader. Original CAD software and licenses must be used. Only available for the UG format.

    This method of import, along with feature-based meshing technology, provides a robust way to create high-quality CAE solid tetrahedral mesh models without a lot of geometry cleanup.

  5. Review and, if needed, modify selected input files.
    • Click to search for and load additional input files. Select the top level folder to load all files of selected file type.
    • Click in the cell for each file type to activate it. Once the cell is active, click to display the file browser and load only selected files. You can also add multiple files.
    • Click to delete a row from the table.
  6. Select an output directory.
  7. Click Import.
  8. To see the difference between the CAD files imported into HyperMesh, click Diff to display the report.
Tip: Click Html Report to generate an HTML report of your session information for any number of files run through the process.