Altair Inspire Form 2019.4

Inspire Form 2019.4 includes the following new features and enhancements:

New Features: Feasibility

New Stitch and Fillet Tools
Two new defeature tools have been added to the Feasibility ribbon. Use the Fillet tool to remove fillets, and the Stitch tool to remodel or modify surface geometry for the forming process. Note that the Fillet tool on the Feasibility ribbon is different from the Fillet Edges tool on the Geometry ribbon, which is used to create rather than remove fillets.
Springback Analysis
You now have the option to perform a springback analysis after forming. The results of this analysis are also available in the feasibility report.

New Features: Tryout

Blank Transfer
You can now transfer the blank from one stage to the next stage to handle progressive die and transfer die forming processes.
Apply Constraints Tool
Apply constraints on points, edges, or faces of the blank to limit how the material deforms in the tools.
Tracer Tool
Use the new Tracers tool during post-processing to track the movement of a line or point on the blank during the forming process. You can also plot lines or points to understand how the blank is transformed, and then use this information to redesign the blank shape as well as trim and pierce tools.
Contact Forces Result Type
You can now view contact forces as a result type for tryout analysis.


Download Offline Help From Within the Product
You or your system administrator can now download an offline help package using the File > Help > Download Offline Help option on the File menu, and unzip it to your preferred location.
Mesh Size Definition for Feasibility and Tryout Analysis
Choose the size of the mesh before you run a feasibility or tryout analysis. The mesh size definition is saved in the model file. Default values can be set in the Preferences.
Expanding Sections in the Analysis Explorer
Sections of the Analysis Explorer can now be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the chevrons.
FLD Marginal Curve and Loose Material Curve Definition
The FLD Marginal Curve can now be defined as either an Absolute or Relative percentage of the failure curve in the Preferences. A Loose Material bound can be defined in the Preferences as well. These values are saved with the run and shown in the Analysis Explorer under the Formability result type.
Tool Forces
By default, Inspire Form now plots forces along the tool draw direction rather than the resultant force. Options were also added to convert units from N to ton and to export the curve as a .csv file.
Tool Velocity
You can now define each tool velocity in its microdialog for the tools on the Tryout ribbon.
FE Mesh Tools
Inspire Form now supports tools modeled by an FE mesh as well as geometry when running a Tryout analysis.
Line Drawbeads
Bead depth is now considered for auto positioning. In addition, line beads can now be attached to a tool that is represented by STL or an FE mesh.