Altair Inspire Form 2019.2

Inspire Form 2019.2 includes the following new features and enhancements:

New Features

Mesh-Based Die Compensation
Use Altair's robust morphing technology to explore springback die compensation.
Undercut Check
Contour the negative draft angle while manipulating the stamping direction in both Feasibility and Tryout modes.
Export Blank and Blank Boundary
Manually export the blank and blank boundary at the current step when using the Analysis Explorer in Tryout mode.
Auto-Closed Position
Inspire Form assigns a default gap between tools to establish the auto-closed position. You can now adjust the gap value to suit your design preferences.


New Right-Click Exit Behavior

The method to exit tools on the ribbon has changed slightly. You now right-click to bring up a context menu, then mouse through or click the check mark to exit. You can double right-click to exit directly without viewing the context menu.

Run in Model Directory
A new option has been added under Preferences to run the forming process in the model directory.
Disable Tryout Ribbon on Startup
The Tryout ribbon is enabled by default. If you don't want to draw as many units, you can now disable it in the Preferences.
Spacer Gap
Use this feature, defined as a factor of thickness, to manually adjust the distance between the tools in the forming process.
Scrap and Material Cost
In the Blank Nesting and Fit Report, view the sheet metal's scrap and material cost, net weight, surface area, and gross weight.
Midsurface Tool
Extract Face is now called Midsurface, which combines the old Midsurface and Skin tools. The options to extract a midsurface or skin (side: S1, S2) are located in the microdialog.