Define Symmetry

Define a symmetry plane on a part.

Guidelines for creating a symmetry plane:
  • The symmetry plane must be orthogonal to the draw direction of the model.
  • The symmetry plane must be orthoganal or parallel to any existing symmetry planes in the model.
  • If the draw direction is not defined in the model, the sofware automatically defines the draw direction as orthoganal to the symmetry planes.
  • If your model requires symmetry planes, define the symmetry planes first, then modify the draw direction as required. When modifying the draw direction, the options that are valid are available in the microdialog. Invalid options are grayed out.
  1. On the Feasibility tab, Orient icon, click the Add/Edit Symmetry Plane tool.

  2. On the model, select an edge on a plane. The selected edge must be on a plane and the plane must be orthogonal to the draw direction if the draw direction is defined.
    A preview of the symmetry plane is displayed if the selection is valid.
  3. Click to confirm the selection.