Solution Methods per Application

A solution method is selected based on the electrical size of a problem, the geometrical complexity and available computational resources.

Solution method is ideally suited to the problem.
Solution method could be used, but an alternative method is better suited to the problem.
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Indication that the respective solution method should not be used.
Table 1. The electromagnetic solution methods suited to the various applications.
  Geometrically complex Electrically large
Wire antennas          
Microstrip antennas      
Aperture antennas      
Reflector antennas  
Windscreen antennas            
Conformal antennas        
Broadband antennas      
Array antennas        
Lens antennas    
Antenna placement (radiation pattern)
Antenna placement (coupling)
RADHAZ zones
Periodic structures FSS, metamaterials        
Scattering with plane wave source (RCS)  
Scattering with localised source  
EMC/EMI shielding and coupling      
Propagation environment
Cable bundle coupling            
Waveguide components          
Microstrip circuits