Display Options for Rays

View the ray display options for ray launching geometrical optics (RL-GO) and uniform theory of diffraction (UTD).

The UTD ray display settings are available on the 3D View contextual tabs set, on the Result tab, in the Rays group.

The options are enabled on the POSTFEKO ribbon if a ray result is displayed in the 3D view. To obtain the ray file, you must select the option to export the ray file in CADFEKO.

Table 1. Display options for UTD rays.
Icon Icon text Description
Ray lines Show / hide ray lines.
Ray numbers Show / hide ray numbers.
Note: A ray number is a unique number or ID associated with a ray.
Group numbers Show / hide the ray group numbers.
Note: A ray group number is a unique number or ID associated with a group of rays which all belong to the same source or start at the same location.

Show / hide ray intersection points.

The following abbreviations are used in the 3D view:
  • B: Diffraction at an edge
  • D: Diffraction at a corner (of a wedge)
  • E: Diffraction at a corner (of an edge)
  • K: Diffraction at a wedge
  • Q: Source point
  • R: Reflection
  • S: Observation point
  • C: Creeping wave
  • V: Reflection at the shadow boundary of a creeping wave
Threshold Specify the visibility threshold of the rays as a percentage.
  • 0%: All rays are displayed.
  • 100%: All rays are hidden.
Colour magnitude Enables / disables the display of rays in colour according to its magnitude.