Matching the Antennas with Optenni Lab

Use Optenni Lab to match the antennas. Use the application macro Optenni Lab: Port matching”

These examples are also available as tutorials in the Optenni Lab installation. The single antenna model corresponds to Optenni Lab “Basic Tutorial A” and for the dual antenna Optenni Lab “Multiantenna Tutorial B” refers. The different matching options are also provided in Optenni Lab.
  1. From the Application macro menu choose Optenni Lab: Port matching. This launches the Select run mode dialog.

    Figure 1. Options for running the Feko-Optenni Lab link.
    Note: If the first run mode is chosen, a new .cfx file will be created and the unmatched S-parameter simulation will be run.
  2. Select Use existing data for the current model and click Next.
    This sends the Touchstone results to Optenni Lab to design the matching circuit.
  3. Generate the matching circuit by following the Optenni Lab tutorials and documentation.

    Figure 2. Optenni Lab single band antenna matching network (Optenni Lab) and general network (CADFEKO).

    Figure 3. Optenni Lab dual antenna matching network (Optenni Lab) and general network (CADFEKO).
  4. Right-click in the circuit view and choose Transfer circuit to Feko and quit.
    A new .cfx file is automatically created with the matching circuit added as a general network.
  5. Run Feko to obtain the matched antenna S-parameters.

    Figure 4. S-parameters for the matched single antenna.

    Figure 5. S-parameters for the matched dual antenna.