<meshing> <general> <seeding_point>
<x_pos>, <y_pos>, <z_pos>
The seeding point is the position in the domain from with the flow region is filled with “fluid” voxels. By default, this position is placed at one of the corners between the inlet plane and the ground.
If the geometric setup is such that a solid is placed at this position, you can indicate another arbitrary point (inside the fluid region) from which the process of filling the fluid region with voxels should start.
<meshing> <overset> <rotating>
(Bool) Global switch that controls the behavior of the overset mesh refinement.
true (default)
OSM regions are automatically refined to the finest refinement level present in each region.
Multiple refinement levels in each overset grid region are tolerated.
The interface region that connects the overset mesh region to the background mesh must be uniformly refined in any case.
Several features, such as global averaging and globally positioned probes, are not yet supported for multi-resolution overset mesh simulations. They are automatically deactivated.
<rotating_instance> <uniform_refinement>
(Bool) Local switch available in each overset mesh zone that overrides the global refinement behavior specified by <uniform_refinement>.