Altair® Panopticon


Editing Data Table

The Edit Data Table layout is displayed as below:



Name and Description

Clicking the drop-down, displays the list of data tables.

Select one to display a data table’s settings and preview.

You can also rename a data table by double-clicking on it and entering the new name. Click Enter to commit the change.



Displays the name and the default value of the parameter.


Refer to Adding Parameters for more information.


Pop Out/Pop In

Pop Out splits the Panopticon Designer (Desktop) into two windows: workbook in Design Mode and the Edit Data Table. You can work on both windows side by side and immediately view the applied changes made in the Data Table Editor in the Workbook Design Mode.




Pop In returns the Edit Data Table window back to the Panopticon Designer (Desktop) and is displayed by default when adding a data table.

Refer to Working with Both Workbook and Edit Data Table Layouts for more information.


Join or Union Definition

Defining a join or union of multiple data tables.


Search Columns

Search for a particular column in the data sources.


Show/Hide Data Preview

Display or hide the retrieved query or table in the Data Preview area.


Maximize/Minimize Data Preview Area

Click Maximize so the Data Preview area covers the whole Edit Data Table screen.



Click Minimize to restore the Data Preview area to its previous size.



Context Menu

Available when right-clicking on the Data Preview area that allows:

  • Data Type Casting

  • Modification of the field name

  • Modification of the format for numeric fields

  • Definition of new columns

NOTE: These Context Menu operations are also available in the Data Table panel of the Workbook layout in the Design Mode.