Altair® Panopticon


Union of Multiple Data Tables

There are also occasions where the source data is held across multiple disparate repositories so that the rows of the data set are distributed. In this case, instead of doing a Join, perform a Union.

Common use cases for Unions include:

  • Performance data to its benchmark

  • Historical data from a database to current streaming data from a message bus

To perform the Union, the multiple source tables are added to the data table. A Join is then established from the unique ID field on the left source table to the unique ID field on the right source table.


Defining Union of Data Tables

  1. Drag a box of a data source to the other one.

This creates a visible line connecting both tables and the Join Configuration dialog displays with the suggested join keys.

  1. Select Union .

  2. Click OK. The data set has been unioned in the Data Preview.