Altair® Panopticon


Color Variable Configuration for Numeric Columns

When you add a numeric column to a Color variable, the configuration panel displays a set of options similar to the panel for the Height variable. This allows you to define the data display format and aggregation method.

You also have other configuration options that are specific to numeric color variables:

  • Range

The Min and Max text boxes are populated default values from the data set.


  • Automatic Range/Range Calculation

Disables the Range option and supports either:


    • Zero Center range calculation



    • Mean Center range calculation



  • Divide By

Select the Divide By value to divide fixed and automatic ranges.

    • 1

    • 1000 (by a thousand)

    • 10000

    • 1000000 (by a million)

    • 1000000000 (by a billion)


For example, for this range:


When the Divide By is 10000, then the range values will be:



Another example for the Automatic Range:


When the Divide By is 1000000, then the automatic range values will be:



  • Color Palette

The numeric color palettes available in this drop-down are defined in the Color Palettes tab of the Altair Panopticon Options dialog and enabled in the Color Palettes tab of the Workbook Theme dialog.


  • General Colors

The general colors that will be used in the visualization (e.g., axis, background, border, focus, etc.).

The general color settings available on this drop-down are defined in the General Colors tab of the Workbook Theme dialog.

  • Continuous/Stepped Colors

  • Reversed Colors

When applied, the color palette is applied in reverse.

  • Highlighted Outlier Colors

  • Distinct Outlier Colors


Panopticon Designer (Desktop) supports two types of Numeric Color Palettes: