Altair® Panopticon


Workbook Themes

Workbook themes are set of configurable settings that affect all colors and fonts of visualizations and dashboards in a workbook. This configuration also includes setting which among the color palettes in the Altair Panopticon Options dialog will be available for the Color variable in the visualizations. Furthermore, the general colors to be used in visualizations such as axis, background, border, and focus colors can be defined.

Theme files are independent of workbooks and can be stored externally (e.g., Themes folder in the AppData). A theme can be applied dynamically to a workbook.

In the Designer (Desktop), a theme is applied to a workbook using the Workbook Theme dialog which is accessed through the Workbook > Themes menu.

On the Workbook Summary Layout:

On the Open Workbook Layout:


The Workbook Theme dialog allows management of the theme. On the Open Workbook Layout, themes inside the workbook can be updated.

By default, there are two themes provided, Light and Dark, which are stored in the specified default directory in the Altair Panopticon Options dialog.

In the Workbook Theme dialog, the Theme drop-down lists the available themes in the Themes directory and the workbook inline theme.

On the Open Workbook Layout, selecting a theme will apply the selected theme to the workbook and also update the inline workbook theme.

The applied theme is stored inline inside the workbook, making it self-contained. In addition, the inline workbook theme becomes the default theme (unless overridden using URL in the web client, or server wide settings for the default theme).


In the previous versions of Panopticon, all of theme-related settings are part of the workbook style, making it difficult to dynamically switch styles (e.g., colors, fonts etc.)

When a workbook (created using versions before 17.5) is opened, all of the existing styles are extracted and saved as an inline workbook theme, and named after it.


Managing workbook themes allows:


NOTE: The default Light and Dark workbook themes may be modified but not deleted.