Altair® Panopticon


Line Graph Settings

These are divided into four tabs:

  • General


  1. Setting


    Line Width

    Specifies the line width in pixels.

    Dot Radius

    Specifies the radius of each data point in pixels.

    Line Alpha

    Specifies the level of color transparency/opacity. The value is from 0 to 255 with the default set to 255.

    Dash Pattern

    Specifies the line pattern.

    Line Interpolation Mode

    Specified whether the line is Stepped, or a Linear Interpolation.

    Interpolate Across Time Axis Gaps

    Whether time axis gaps (Working Week/Time) are interpolated.

    Interpolate Across Na Value Gaps

    Determines whether Na value (or missing) gaps are interpolated.


    Shade Area Below Line

    Defines that an alpha shade is applied between the line and the zero Y grid line, if a single line is being displayed.

    Show Last Value




    Determines if the flag of the last value will be displayed.


    • This is displayed on the right axis.

    • This is only displayed in the Web client.

    Show Last Value Title




    Determines if the title of the last value will be displayed in the flag.


    • Enabled only if Show Last Value is checked.

    • This is only displayed in the Web client.


  • Axes

Refer to Visualizations Axes, Cross Tab Axes, and Time Axes for more information.


  • Synchronization


  • Filters

Refer to Visualization Static Filter for more information.