Altair® Panopticon


Visualizations Axes

The X and Y axes of visualizations include the following settings:




Show Title

Displays an Axis Title Label.

Axis Bar Thickness

The margin in pixels for the axis. If set to zero, the axis is removed.

Zero Grid Line





How a major X axis grid line is drawn. Allowed values:

  • None

  • Dotted

  • Dashed

  • Solid

Minor Grid Line





How minor grid lines are drawn across the axis. Allowed values:

  • None

  • Dotted

  • Dashed

  • Solid









Determines whether the scale of the axis is Linear, Log 10, or Power.

  • Linear – a change between two values is based on addition e.g., 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, etc.

  • Log 10 – a change between two values is perceived on the basis of the ratio of the two values or based on multiplication. The common base for logarithmic scales is the base 10. For example: log10(x) represents the logarithm of x to the base 10 e.g., 1, 10, 100, 1000, etc.

NOTE: Does not support zero or negative values.

  • Power - Works according to the SIGN(MEASURE)*LOG10(MAX(1, ABS(MEASURE))) formula. Works like the Log 10 scale except it can handle negative values and every value between -1 and 1 is set to 0.

For example for values between -100 and 100, the axis will be:

-100, -10, 0, 10, 100






















Determines whether the axis is inverted.

For example, the default view of the axis is displayed as:


When the axis is inverted, it is displayed as:

Tick Mark Format


Set to From Variable to use the format string that is on the current variable displayed in the axis. Set to Metric Prefix to format the Tick labels in the numeric axes using the metric prefixes.

Tick Mark Values









Set to Automatic for automatic axis ranges or Manual to define specific tick marks.

For Automatic:

For Manual:

Preferred Tick Space

The preferred space in pixels between the minor grid lines across the axis.

Independent Y-axes Scaling

Determines whether to have each visualization Y-axis in a cross tab automatically scaled independent of the others.





Defines that the time based axis is displayed across two rows, with the start and end points displayed on the bottom row. Allowed values:

  • One Row

  • Relative

  • Two Rows





Determines whether to display endpoints. Allowed values:

  • Automatic – automatically displays the endpoint

  • None – endpoint is not displayed

  • Custom – allows the specification of the endpoint Date/Time format


Determines the Date/Time format when the endpoint is Custom.

Snapshot Grid Line






Determines whether a grid line is drawn showing the snapshot location. Allowed values:

  • None

  • Dotted

  • Dashed

  • Solid

When the Snapshot Grid Line is rendered, the Set Snapshot Here option will be available in the visualization context menu in the Web Client.

Minor Grid Line





Determines how minor grid lines are drawn across the axis. Allowed values:

  • None

  • Dotted

  • Dashed

  • Solid

Visible Periods




Determines whether:

  • a standard calendar time axis is shown

  • weekends are hidden

  • weekends and closed market hours are hidden


The padding between the content and the border.