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In the Panopticon documentation, HyperWorks Units (HWU) and Hosted HyperWorks Units (HHWU) are now named Altair Units and Hosted Altair Units, respectively.

In the Panopticon product, these license types are still named HyperWorks Works and Hosted HyperWorks Units.

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Licensing within Panopticon Designer (Desktop) supports six modes of operation:

 Stand-alone with Altair Units license

 Stand-alone with Hosted Altair Units license

q  Stand-alone with a volume-based license file

 Connected to a Panopticon Visualization Server with Altair Units license

 Connected to a Panopticon Visualization Server with Hosted  Altair Units license

q  Connected to a Panopticon Visualization Server with a volume-based license file


For the stand-alone installation, both the Altair Units license and volume license file are delivered separately from the installation packages.

If you install Panopticon Designer (Desktop) for use with the Panopticon Visualization Server component, the Designer software will retrieve its license (Altair Units or volume-based) automatically from the server.

 For the volume-based license file (named PanopticonLicense.xml), which is used to store all license information for a specific customer, it must be copied to the designated AppData folder (i.e., c:\vizserverdata)

 For the Altair Units and Hosted Altair Units licenses, refer to the Server Installation and Troubleshooting Guide for more information


·         You can change the licensing mode in the Tools > Options dialog. Refer to Changing the Usage Mode for more information.

·         Starting with version 17.4, the Nalpeiron Licensing service is no longer supported alongside with the activation of Panopticon Designer (Desktop) using the License Manager.

·         The license checkout uses standard leveling based on the username & hostname (i.e., running multiple instances of Panopticon Designer (Desktop) on the same machine draws 21 units/21000 features).

·         Starting with 21.2, the newly issued volume-based license file is named PanopticonLicense.xml. For customers with the DatawatchLicense.xml file, it can still be used but it is strongly recommended to rename it to PanopticonLicense.xml.