Altair® Panopticon


[1] Overview

Installation Packages

Altair Panopticon Designer – Desktop Edition or Panopticon Designer (Desktop)) and Altair Panopticon Visualization Server or Panopticon Visualization Server include several separate installation packages:

q  Altair Panopticon Designer (Desktop) 32-bit

q  Altair Panopticon Designer (Desktop) 64-bit

q  Altair Panopticon Visualization Server


The Panopticon Designer (Desktop) program can be used on its own without being connected to the Panopticon Visualization Server component. Panopticon Designer (Desktop) allows users to design and use new Panopticon workbooks and dashboards and also publish to the Panopticon Visualization Server, for distributed web access.

The Panopticon Visualization Server is the best way to make Panopticon workbooks and dashboards available to large numbers of users.

Both components are licensed to provide data connectivity and visualization options.

A typical installation scenario is to provide authors with copies of Panopticon Designer (Desktop). They develop new workbooks and dashboards based on user requirements and then publish them to the Panopticon Visualization Server. Most business users then access the system over the web with no local software installation needed.












Version 2021.2.0/12.2021