Offset a Solid Part

Proportionally increase or decrease the size of a solid part, or create a proportionally larger or smaller new part.

  1. On the Geometry ribbon, select the Offset tool.

  2. On the guide bar, select Offset and Parts.
  3. Select the part.
  4. In the microdialog, enter a value for the desired offset distance and select additional options:
    • To reverse the direction of the offset, select the icon.
    • To create a new offset part and keep the original part, select the icon.
    • To apply a variable to the offset field, select the icon.
  5. Select Apply on the guide bar or microdialog.
  6. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.

    If you selected the icon, the parts will occupy the same space in the modeling window. Use the move tool to reveal the smaller part.