Data Reading Via Client-Server

The data input pull-down provides control over direct and client-server operation.

When AcuFieldView is first started, the direct box is checked off. This is because direct mode is the default way to read data. By the time you reach this pull-down, AcuFieldView has already read the server configuration files.

To read data without using client-server, simply select the data file type and you can proceed to browse for the file(s) that you wish to read.

If you wish to use a server to read your data, click Choose a server, which will let you pick from your selection of server configuration files.

Server configuration files define the server machine, whether automatic or manual start up will be used and the working directory in which you wish to browse for files.

To continue the read-in process, select the server that you wish to use. The server pop-up and the data read pull-down will disappear after the selection is made.

At this point, you have selected your server machine and can proceed. Note that you can read a file in one of four ways: via a browser, a data file restart, a script, or FVX. The data file restarts, scripts, and FVX programs are all read from the local (client) file system. Data files are read via a browser that starts on the server machine.

Once a server has been chosen, the Data Files pull-down changes. At any given time, only one server can be current. Until you change the server (or switch to Direct, by clicking Direct), all data will be read via the indicated server.

You can now select the type of file that you wish to read and, at the appropriate time, a file browser will appear, set to the startup path for the selected server configuration files.

At this point, the behavior of AcuFieldView depends on the startup mode that has been specified in the server configuration file. This is either automatic or manual.