Setup the FEMSITE Utility

Use the third party FEMSITE utility to preprocess models and submit connection information to the FEMSITE generator.

The FEMSITE options will only appear if you have an installation of FEMSITE on your computer.
Restriction: The FEMSITE utility is only available in the Nastran user profile for Windows and Linux platforms.
Add the hmfemsite.ini initialization file to one of the following locations:
HyperMesh searches all locations for the hmfemsite.ini file in the order listed above, and uses the last found existing file to parse the variables pointing to your FEMSITE installation.
  • $INSTALL_HOME/hm/bin/win64/hmfemsite.ini (win64 or linux64)
  • HW_CONFIG_PATH/hmfemsite.ini
  • $HOME/hmfemsite.ini
  • $WORKING_DIR/hmfemsite.ini

Example hmfemsite.ini File

Lines that do not contain the strings FEMSITE_DATA_DIR=, FEMSITE_LINUX_DATA_DIR=, FEMSITE_EXE=, or FEMSITE_LINUX_EXE= will be ignored, and can be treated as a comment. If HyperMesh does not locate the FEMSITE exe or the data directory, the FEMSITE options will not load.

Welds need to have a minimum amount of metadata in order to be realized within FEMSITE. The Define Spotweld, Define Robscan, and Define Rivet options in the FEMSITE utility allow the assignment of this metadata from within HyperMesh, instead of via CONN file, for spotwelds, Robscans and Rivets.
This file can be edited to point Hypermesh to the FEMSITE installation:
This is the path to the FEMSITE data directory:
This is the path to the executable:
This is the path to the executable: