Review and Edit Connector Metadata

Review and edit connector metadata that was created during import using the FEMSITE Review Conn tool.

Before you begin, Setup the FEMSITE Utility.
All of the supported connector metadata that can be imported is listed in the parameter.cfg file, which can be found in the installation: /config/parameter.cfg.
Tip: If certain metadata is not applicable to you, create comments for them using "#". HyperMesh will ignore metadata commented with "#".
  1. From the menu bar, click Connectors > FEMSITE > Review CONN.
  2. In the panel area, use the connectors selector to select one or more connectors.
  3. Click proceed.
  4. In the Edit params dialog, review and edit the corresponding metadata of the selected connector(s).
    Note: If you selected multiple connectors, only identical metadata is displayed. Blank fields indicate that metadata was not identical for the selected connectors. If metadata was not defined, field will read "not defined".
  5. Click Submit.