Import Metadata and Connectors from a *.conn File

Import metadata and connectors from a *.conn file with the FEMSITE utility.

Before you begin: , .

You do not need to import a FE model into HyperMesh prior to importing a *.conn file.

  1. From the menu bar, click Connectors > FEMSITE > Import CONN.
  2. In the Select conn-File dialog, open the *.conn file.
    The connectors and metadata that are correctly and completely defined are imported and translated to a XML connector format.
  3. If there were unsupported or incorrectly defined connectors, the Editor dialog opens, from which you can save these connectors in a separate file by clicking Save.
    Note: You can add this information again during export.

Required *.conn File Format and Guidelines

In order for *.conn files to be successfully imported, they must be properly formatted, and connectors and metadata must be properly defined.

  • The separator must be a semicolon.
  • The line containing the definition and description of the Format (content of the columns) must start with the type of connector, and must have 25 entries.
  • Lines with a "&" can only be used within a connector definition.
  • Connector IDs must be higher than 10,000, and can only have a maximum of 5 digits.
  • Supported connector types: spotwelds, weldlines, and bondlines.
  • Supported methods: RS1, SN, LASER, FILLER, MIGMAG, BL_ST, and BL_SR.
  • The following options must be specified for the supported connectors: first dimension of tangent, second dimension of tangent, and dimension of normal vector.
  • A reference mode must be specified: Part-ID or property-ID. The reference mode defines which components or property IDs are connected.
  • The x, y, and z position, and the tangent and normal vector must be defined.
  • Only 2 parts are allowed for spotwelds and weldlines.
  • Parts must exist in the model.
  • MAX_NUMB_CONN_PARTS must be defined for spotweld connectors that have a reference mode of AUTO.
  • SELF_PIERCING* must be defined for spotweld connectors that have PROC=SN.
  • ROB_SCAN_SEAM_WIDTH, ORIENTATION_ANGLE, and GAPSIZE must be defined for spotweld connectors that have PROC=ROBSCAN.
  • MAXIMUM_DISTANCE must be defined for spotweld, weldline, and bondline connectors.
  • ADJUST_LIMIT must be defined for spotweld, weldline, and bondline connectors.
  • POSITION_IN_PART_TREE must be defined.
  • WELD_POSITION_ID and WELD_ANGLE must be defined for weldline connectors.
If *.conn files are missing important parameters, the following attributes are set:
  • TYPE is set to spotweld (for spotwelds) or bondlines (for seamwelds).
  • JEID is set to the ID of the connector in HyperMesh.
  • PROC is set to 21 (for spotwelds) or bl (for seamwelds).
  • REFMODE is set to PROPERTY.
  • TAN_DIM1 is set to 5.0.

The internal HyperMesh parameter ce_diameter is synchronized with TAN_DIM1 during import. This parameter is used for realization in HyperMesh (diameter).