Define Spotwelds

Define a spotweld with the FEMSITE utility ensures that you will be able to create a FEMSITE spotweld within HyperMesh, and assign the proper metadata to the connector for successful realization.

Before you begin, Setup the FEMSITE Utility.
  1. From the menu bar, click Connectors > FEMSITE > Define Spotweld.
    The Create Spotweld Connectors Interactive dialog opens.
  2. Using the Select Connectors selector, select input.
    • Choose Nodes to create new connectors with nodes.
    • Choose Connectors to change existing connectors to FEMSITE connectors.
  3. In the Element Label field, enter a label to be used in FEMSITE.
  4. In the Property ID field, enter an ID to be sent to the FEMSITE executable.
  5. In the Nugget Diameter field, enter a diameter to be sent to the FEMSITE executable.
  6. Define part search parameters.
    1. For RefMode, choose to use the Property or Part ID as the reference mode for connector assignment.
    2. Using the Select Components selector, select the components that contain the parts to search.
      The RefList field lists the assigned IDs that are found after components are selected.
    3. In the Max number of interactions field, enter the maximum number of connector links to create.
    4. In the Maximum distance field, enter the search tolerance the FEMSITE executable should use for realization.
  7. Click Define.