Material definition.

Composite laminates are typically made up of layers of isotropic, orthotropic and/or anisotropic materials. Specific material definitions vary by solver. For example, in OptiStruct:
  • Linear isotropic material for shell and solid elements: MAT1
  • Linear orthotropic material for shell elements: MAT8
  • Linear orthotropic material for solid elements: MAT9OR
  • Linear anisotropic material for solid elements: MAT9
  • Nonlinear isotropic/orthotropic/anisotropic material: See Multiscale Designer

Materials can be created from the Model Browser, , or the Composite Browser. Specific solver cards and attributes can be set in the Entity Editor.

The following table displays a list of typical composite material properties.
Property Value (psi)
E1 22.0e6
E2 1.3e6
E3 1.3e6
n12 0.30
n13 0.30
n23 0.26
G12 0.75e6
G13 0.75e6
G23 0.516e6
a1 (/°F) -0.30e-6
a2 (/°F) 18.0e-6
a3 (/°F) 18.0e-6
tply (in) 0.01