Systematic Issue / Topology Optimization

The advantages of choosing topology optimization are as follows:
  • OptiStruct's design-synthesis technology uses the topology optimization approach to generate innovative concept design proposals. OptiStruct generates an optimal design proposal for the connectors layout of the design based on user-defined design space and design targets.
  • In SnRD Modal Frequency Response analysis is used as the optimization load case with an objective of minimizing the modal relative displacement across the selected E-Line.
  • SnRD Optimization module, automatically converts the time domain excitations to frequency domain for creating the MFREQ loadcase. Amplitude and phase are considered.
  • The design variable for Topology optimization is the CBAR element connecting the Master and Slave components.
  • Optimization can be done for the response at single frequency or for a band of frequencies.
The work flow of the Systematic Issue is illustrated below:

Figure 1.

Optimization Deck setup

Once the optimization deck setup is initiateed, following changes are done to the solver deck:

  • Load case setup : Modal Transient (MTRAN) analysis is changed to Modal Frequency Response (MFREQ)
  • Optimization parameters set-up: Responses and Constraints
    Note: Frequency range selection table will be empty for a Static Load case setup work flow.

Optimization Deck setup process

Steps involved in setting up Optimization deck are given below:
  1. Select interface with Squeak and/or Rattle issue.
  2. Load the interface to understand the critical frequencies

    Figure 2.
  3. Select direction for Optimization.
    Note: This selection must be based on the information shown in the Relative Displacement or Line graph.
  4. Identify frequency or frequencies to optimize.
  5. Select the Auto Fill option to automatically fill the frequency (Top Contributing mode from RMC Bar Chart) or frequencies of selected modes.
Steps to export solver deck are given below:
  1. Click file browser icon for Choose Directory option.
  2. Click Export button.