Connectors and E-Line Management Tutorial

This section of the tutorial will walk you through the steps of review and realizing E-Lines.

Realizing E-Lines

  1. Using standard Windows multi select option (Holding Ctrl key and selecting Elines from the table), click Realize

    Figure 1.

    Once all the lines are realized, you can view the message log for information.

  2. Once the realization completes, you can see the status has changed from Yellow to Green

    Figure 2.
  3. Select any line from the list and click Visibility buttons at the top of the table to view the lines.
    The selected line will be isolated in graphics area.

    Figure 3.
  4. Click navigation buttons or beside Show Selected to cycle through other lines in the table.

Updating an E-Line

  1. Select DriverSidepanel_To_IPsubstrate from the list.
  2. With the current line selection active, change Spacing value to 50 and press Enter.
    This updates the spacing value from 30 to 50 and the line status changes to unrealized. You can see the new connector locations in the graphics area.
  3. Select DriverSidepanel_To_IPsubstrate from the list and click Realize Selected.
    This will re-realize the lines and 5 connectors will be realized for the interface.

Deleting Connection Point

  1. Select Ipsubstrate_To_Controlpanellower from the list and click Show Selected.
  2. Click Delete Connection .
    This will enable Element Delete panel.
  3. Select any CBUSH element from graphics area and click proceed.
    This will delete the selected CBUSH and respective RBE from the line and the same will be updated in Interface Number.
  4. Click Next to continue to Material Mapping task, which is the next step in process.