Probe Results

Use the Probe Points tool to define a point or set of points at specific co-ordinates and probe/query results. This is useful for verifying experimental results with simulation result.

  1. From the Post ribbon, click the Probe Points tool.

    Figure 1.
    The Probe locations dialog opens.
  2. Define probe points in the following ways:
    • Click directly in the modeling window to create points and populate coordinates.
    • Click in the dialog to add a new probe point then manually define the coordinates.
    • Click in the dialog, select a probe point, then use the manipulators to adjust its position.
    Tip: Click / to import or export a probe point coordinates file.
  3. Click Calculate on the guide bar to extract values.
    A new Point Probe entity is added to the Post Browser,

    A table with extracted values for all variables is populated. This data can be saved to a text file.

  4. On the guide bar, click to confirm your selection and remain in the tool or click to confirm your selection and exit the tool.