Add Callouts to the Results

Call out and review values for a selected result type at points of interest on your model using the callout icons in the Analysis Explorer.

  1. Select the Show Analysis Results tool on the Analyze icon, if not already active.
  2. To create a callout at a point of interest, click in the Analysis Explorer, select a Result Type, and then click a point on your model. Box-select to see the maximum value in an area.
    Note: The callout value applies to the currently selected run.
    Note: In Tryout, you can also create a callout on the tool for the current animation frame. It displays tool attributes such as Name, Friction, Stroke, Displacement.
  3. To automatically create callouts showing where the minimum and maximum values occur for a result type, select a Result Type, and then click .
  4. Optional: To display callouts in a table, click in the Analysis Explorer. Each callout is specific to a selected run.
    Note: Callouts on tools will not appear in the table.

    • Selecting a row in the table also selects the callout in the modeling window.
    • To show or hide a single callout, in the Callouts table, Name column, click .
    • To show or hide all callouts, in the Analysis Explorer, click .
    • To sort the order of a column in the table, click the column header. Or you can click or to select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

    • To add or delete columns on the table, right-click a column header, and then select or deselect a property.

Callout Options

Add visual callouts to show points of interest on your analysis results.

Callout Icon Description Note
Create, Show, and Hide Callouts

Select to create callouts; select to show and hide callouts.
  • Click the icon, then click a point on the model to create a callout.
  • After creating callouts, click the icon to show/hide the callouts in the modeling window.
List Callouts

Display in a table all of the callouts that have been created, with the result types and values. Each callout is specific to the selected run and operation.
  • Click the icon to show/hide the callout in the modeling window.
  • Select a row to select the callout in the modeling window.
  • Click a column header to sort the column. Click to toggle between ascending and descending order.
  • Right-click a column header to change the result type that is shown, and to sort the order of the columns.
Min/Max Callouts

Create a callout showing where the minimum/maximum value occurs for the selected result type.
Note: When factor of safety is selected, the minimum value is shown.
  • When you click the icon, the callout is automatically generated on the model.
  • Click the min/max callout in the modeling window to create a regular callout at the same location.
Plot Display time history plots for callouts defined for structural analysis. Changes made to the Result Types option are synchronized with the setting on the Analysis Explorer. Using this option allows you to put multiple plots of mixed types on a single page. This option is only available for motion part analysis results.
Dynamic Callouts

Display the results of various result types in existing callouts.
Note: If you enable the Compare Results feature in a callout, the callout becomes static.
After creating a callout for a particular result type, click the icon, then select a different result type. The value in the callout reflects the new result type.

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