Searching for Oversized Mesh Elements

An oversized mesh element is a triangle with an edge length larger that the specified maximum edge length. Oversized mesh elements can result in reduced accuracy in the simulated results.

  1. Select the model or geometry part either in the model tree or 3D view.
  2. On the Mesh tab, in the Find group, click the  Oversized elements icon.

    Figure 1. The Find oversized mesh elements dialog.
  3. Specify the parts to be searched for oversized mesh elements.
    • To search the full model, under Search, click Entire model.
    • To search only the selected part of the model, under Search, click Selection.
  4. In the Length field, enter a value that is taken as the upper limit for triangle length. Any triangle length longer than this length will be marked as oversized.
  5. Click Find to search for oversized mesh elements and to close the dialog.
The result of the search is displayed in the message window. A hyperlink to the part containing the oversized mesh element is also given in the message window.