Run a Solver

Submit a job by selecting an input file from your mounted location in Windows Explorer.

After the job is completed, a folder with the name of the input file is created and the result files are copied to it.
Note: Check the running job status and its progress using Altair Drive Web.
  1. Click Open Folder on the Home tab.
    Your mounted files location is displayed in Windows Explorer.
  2. Right-click a job input file, click Altair One > Solve With.
    The associated solvers for the selected input file are displayed.

    Figure 1. Solve With
  3. Select a solver.
    A job submission form is displayed.

    Figure 2. Submit Job
  4. Enter the required application arguments.
    1. To view all application arguments, click the All Fields tab.
    2. To save the current values, click Save as Default.
    3. To reset the job submission form, click Restore Defaults.
  5. Click Submit Job.
    After the job is submitted, Windows notifications are displayed to help you monitor the progress of the job. You can open the action center from the task bar () or use +A to view all the notifications.

    You can generate a preview for the model and view the model metadata values using Altair Drive Web.