Generate Model File Preview

Submit a request to Altair Drive Web for generating a preview for a model file from your mounted location.

Before you begin: Login into Altair One to visualize generated preview details of a model file.
Preview the metadata values and view model in 3D using Altair Drive Web.
  1. Click Open Folder on the Home tab.
    Your mounted files location is displayed in Windows Explorer.
  2. Right-click a model file, click Altair One > Generate Preview.

    Figure 1. Generate preview from your mounted location
    A request to generate a preview for the selected model file is submitted. After the generate preview is submitted, Windows notifications are displayed to help you monitor the progress of the preview. You can open the action center from the task bar () or use +A to view all the notifications.
  3. To navigate to the same model file in Altair Drive Web, click View Online on the Home tab of Altair Drive Desktop application.
    The Altair Drive Web is launched and the Files tab is displayed.
  4. Click Notification and click the model file name link to navigate to the model file location.
    Figure 2. Notification in Altair Drive Web

  5. Hover over the model file, click Details .
    A panel opens on the right.
    By default, the Info tab displays the general information of the selected file.

    Figure 3. Info Panel
  6. Click .
    A preview of the model file is displayed in 3D view.

    Figure 4. Model in 3D View
  7. Click Metadata
    The generated metadata values for the model file is displayed.

    Figure 5. Generated Metadata Values