What's New
Here’s a quick look at the latest features available with Altair One Drive Desktop.
About  Altair One Drive Desktop
The application provides live access to your Altair Drive Web account through Windows Explorer.
A video tutorial to help you get started with Altair One Drive.
Use Altair One Drive Desktop to access and manage your files or folders from Windows Explorer.
The application Home tab provides an option to connect to Altair One, view recent activities, launch Altair Drive Web application, open Altair One Drive files location in Windows Explorer and view the preferred log details.
Add, modify or delete your profile to access your files from Windows Explorer.
Submit a job by selecting an input file from your mounted location in Windows Explorer.
Submit a request to Altair Drive Web for generating a preview for a model file from your mounted location.
Share your files or folders with another user or team from Windows Explorer.
View the files or folders that are shared by other users.
Set the user Altair One Drive Desktop preferences.