Create Surface Probes from Polyline

Use the Probes tool to create probes based on a polyline.

  1. Use the Surface Probes tool to draw polylines.
    1. From the ultraFluidX ribbon, Setup group, click the Output tool.

      Figure 1.
    2. From the secondary tool set, click the surface probes of the Probes tool.

      Figure 2.
    3. In the modeling window, select a part on which you would like to draw a polyline.
    4. From the guide bar, select Polyline.
    5. In the modeling window, click to place polyline points on the selected surfaces.

      Figure 3.
    6. Right-click the last created polyline point to complete the polyline.
    Points are created along the polyline.

    Figure 4.
  2. Optional: Define polyline settings in the microdialog.
    1. Define the output frequency.
    2. Define output start iteration.
    3. Set the number of probes along the polyline.
    4. Align the probes along a global axis.

    Figure 5.
  3. Move polylines in the modeling window.
    1. In the microdialog, select .
    2. Use the graphical manipulators to move the polyline.

    Figure 6.
  4. Edit polylines in the modeling window.
    1. In the microdialog, select .
    2. Click along the polyline to create new polyline points.
    3. Select an existing point along the polyline and use the graphical manipulators to move the polyline point.

      Figure 7.
  5. Optional: Export probes.
    1. From the legend in the top-left of the modeling window, right-click the active probe set and select Probes table from the context menu.
    2. In the dialog, select to export surface probes.
    Restriction: Importing surface probes is not supported when type = rake.
    For more information, see Import, Export, and Edit Output Controls.