Visualization surface along x, y or z.


CUT_PLANE(“name”) { parameters}


User-given name


normal_direction (enum)
Used when seed_type=rectangular
Options: x, y, z
cut_location (real)
Location of cut along the specified axis
x_min (real)
Minimum extent of the plane in x
x_max (real)
Maximum extent of the plane in x
y_min (real)
Minimum extent of the plane in y
y_max (real)
Maximum extent of the plane in y
z_min (real)
Minimum extent of the plane in z
z_max (real)
Maximum extent of the plane in z
name (string)
User-given name of the command. The instance of a given command is referenced using this parameter.
display_type (enum)
Specify how to display the surface
Options: solid, mesh_lines, feature_lines, contour_lines, vectors, vertices, shaded_vertices
solid_display_type (enum)
Specify the shading type for the surface. Used with display_type=solid
Options: flat, faceted, smooth
mesh_line_display (boolean)
Flag to control display of the mesh lines
Options: thin, medium, thick
transparency (real)
Level of transparency
1 is fully transparent
constant_color (enum)
Color to use for the display of the cut plane. Used with color_type=constant.
Options: white, green, blue, magenta, gray, yellow, light_blue, purple, red, black
contour_function (string)
Scalar quantity to be displayed on cut plane (pressure, velocity, and so on). Used with color_type=contour.
line_thickness (enum)
Thickness of lines for mesh display and feature line display
Options: thin, medium, thick
contour_line_display (boolean)
Display lines on the contour
contour_line_display_type (enum)
Line display type of contour lines
Options: black, white, contour, constant
num_contours (integer)
Number of contour lines to be displayed in legend
The limit is 500 contours.
vector_function (string)
Function to use for vector display
color_type (enum)
Method used to set the display color
Options: constant, contour
export (boolean)
Flag to export data in ASCII format
active_flag (boolean)
Read and process the command or ignore it
legend_display (boolean)
Flag to toggle on or off the visibility of the legend
legend_title (string)
Add a title to the legend
legend_subtitle (string)
Subtitle of legend
num_labels (integer)
Number of labels used in legend
legend_min (real)
Minimum value in legend
legend_max (real)
Maximum value in legend
legend_use_local (boolean)
Flag to indicate to use values for max and min of legend based on data available for specific visualization.
num_decimal_places (integer)
Number of decimal places to display in legend
legend_orientation (enum)
Specify orientation of the legend
Options: horizontal, vertical
legend_location (enum)
Location of the legend on the image
Options: top_left, top_center, top_right, bottom_left, bottom_center, bottom_right, center_left, center_right
threshold_clipping (boolean)
Specify if the cut plane should be clipped by the specified threshold
threshold_function (string)
Function to be used as threshold
threshold_min (real)
Minimum threshold value
threshold_max (real)
Maximum threshold value
vector_type (enum)
Type of vector displayed
Options: curved or straight
vector_dimension (enum)
Display dimension of the vector
Options: 2d, 3d
vector_scale (real)
Sets the scale of the vector length. Increasing this number will make the vectors larger in size.
vector_thinning_fraction (real)
Percent by which to reduce the number of displayed vectors
From 0 to 1, 1 being the highest
vector_projection (enum)
Vector display projection
Options: total, yz, xz, xy or projected
vector_head_scale (real)
Variable to adjust the size of the vector head
vector_time_limit (real)
When vector_type = curved is selected, this time limit adjusts the length of the tail of the vector.
invert_color_map (boolean)
Option to invert the colors of the colormap
filled_contours (boolean)
Option to display surface with constant colors within a polygon of the surface. If the scalar values change within a polygon, the polygon will then be split and colored appropriately for that polygon.
colormap_name (enum)
Colormap name to use for displaying the scalar function values
Options: spectrum, nasa-1, nasa-2, gray scale, color striped, black & white, striped, zebra, achromatic vision 1, achromatic vision 2, banded blue to red dark, banded blue to red light, banded grayscale, big difference, bio spectrum 1, bio spectrum 2, bloodflow doppler, blue chrome, camouflage, ccm blue red, ccm cool warm, ccm high contrast, ccm spectrum, cd spectrum, cd striped, chrome, cold, dark radiation, dark spectrum, dark green gradient, flame transition, gold, high contrast, hot, hot to cold diff, indigo flame, leaf color, radiation colors, red to blue diff, red to purple diff, relief map, relief map land, relief map ocean, simple flux, small difference, spectrum diff gray, spectrum diff white, steel blue, teal black gradient
log_scale (boolean)
When selected, the scalar will be colored using a logarithmic scale instead of a standard scale.
Can be used on all colormaps.
show_grid (boolean)
Show grid in plot area
grid_label_size (integer)
Size of the text labels on the grid
grid_label_color (enum)
Color of the text labels on the grid
Options: white, green, blue, magenta, gray, yellow, light_blue, purple, red, black
grid_label_font (enum)
Font of the text labels on the grid
Options: lee, lee bold, lee italic, lee bold italic, leemono, leemono bold, leemono italic, leemono bold italic, leese, leese bold, noto, roman sans serif, roman, italics, script
grid_decimal_places (integer)
Number of decimal places to show in grid labels
grid_number_format (enum)
Options: floating point, exponential
grid_horizontal_ticks (boolean)
Toggle on/off horizontal ticks
grid_horizontal_lines (boolean)
Toggle on/off horizontal lines
grid_horizontal_labels (boolean)
Toggle on/off horizontal labels
grid_horizontal_interval (real)
Horizontal grid spacing
grid_vertical_ticks (boolean)
Toggle on/off vertical ticks
grid_vertical_lines (boolean)
Toggle on/off vertical lines
grid_vertical_labels (boolean)
Toggle on/off vertical labels
grid_vertical_interval (real)
Vertical grid spacing
specification_type (enumerated)
Method used to define the parameters of the CUT_PLANE instance.
Options: direct, restart_file
When using restart_file, all parameters to define the cut plane instance are read from the FieldView restart file referenced in the restart_file parameter.
restart_file (string)
Path to the FieldView restart file that will be used to define the cut plane. All parameters to define the plane are read from the restart file.
Used with specification_type = restart_file.
surface_id (integer)
The surface id within the FieldView restart file to extract the cut plane parameters from.
Used with specification_type = restart_file.
Note: A given restart file may have any number of cut plane surfaces defined in it, but only one can be read in a given instance of the CUT_PLANE command. However, the same restart file may be referenced by multiple CUT_PLANE commands such that each instance is leveraged in the session.
legend_location_type (enum)
This option determines how the legend location will be specified.
Options: direct, predefined
When set to direct, the legend_location parameter is specified as a comma separated list of relative screen coordinates. For example, a value of 0.7,0.7 specifies a location in the top right of the display window. This option is in place mainly to support the reading of slice planes from FieldView restart files, but may also be used with the direct specification approach.


CUT_PLANE("z cut"){
     normal_direction          = z
     cut_location              = 0.0
     display_type              = solid
     solid_display_type        = smooth
     color_type                = contour
     contour_function          = "x-velocity"
     contour_line_display      = off
     contour_line_display_type = "constant"
     mesh_line_display         = off
     constant_color            = black
     line_thickness            = medium
     legend_display            = on
     legend_use_local          = on
     legend_min                = -100
     legend_max                = 100
     num_labels                = 5
     num_decimal_places        = 5
     threshold_clipping        = off
     threshold_function        = "x-velocity"
     threshold_min             = .8
     threshold_max             = 1000