Bar chart of specified quantities.


BAR_CHART(“name”) { parameters}


User-given name


name (string)
User-given name of the command. The instance of a given command is referenced using this parameter.
data_source (enum)
Options: file, ufx_coefficients_file
data_file (string)
Path to location of data source file
num_header_rows (integer)
Number of header rows to ignore before reading in data
output_step (integer)
Data step to use for plot
0 = use last, -1 = second from last, 1 means first, and so on
target_names (string)
List of part names from which you want to extract results
max_result_count (integer)
Maximum number of data points to include
name_column (integer)
Column number which contains the names
data_column (integer)
Column number which contains the values
x_label (string)
Label for the x-axis
y_label (string)
Label for the y-axis
title (string)
Title for the plot
show_legend (boolean)
Show the legend or not
legend_labels (boolean)
Labels for use in the legend
show_grid (boolean)
Show grid in plot area
active_flag (boolean)
Read and process the command or ignore it


BAR_CHART("Cd bar chart - file"){
    data_source                = "file"
    data_file                  = "barChartData/barChartTest.txt"
    num_header_rows            = 0
    name_column                = 1
    data_column                = 2
    output_step                = 0
    y_label                    = "C_d"
    show_grid                  = off