Element and Ply Visualization

The exact visualization of ply layers in a composite material requires the use of both the Composite Visualization and Element (complexity) Visualization options.

These options work in tandem to determine exactly how composite layers will display in HyperMesh.

Access these options from the Visualization toolbar.
  • (1D/2D Element Representation)
  • (Composite Visualization)
2D Traditional Element Representation ()
HyperMesh represents composite layers, when visible, as 2D shells:

Figure 1. Layers Off

Figure 2. Composite Layers

Figure 3. Layers with Fiber Direction
2D Detailed Element Representation ()

Figure 4. Layers Off

Figure 5. Composite Layers

Figure 6. Layers with Fiber Direction
2D Traditional and Detailed Element Representation ()

Figure 7. Layers Off

Figure 8. Composite Layers

Figure 9. Layers with Fiber Direction

Figure 10. Layers with Fiber Direction for Continuum Shells. Original element geometry is shown in transparent mode, so that differences in elemental versus property thickness can be easily seen.