Status Bar

The status bar displays information pertaining to the currently loaded model as well as descriptions of the pages and panels.

The status bar, located along the very bottom of the application, can be turned on or off from the View menu. A check mark indicates that a toolbar is currently displayed.


The left side of the status bar displays messages and descriptions of active features in the user interface.

When you are on one of the main menu pages, not within a panel, a description of the active menu page name, for example, Geometry, displays.

Figure 1. Surfaces Panel, Cylinder Full Subpanel. Panel and subpanel name is displayed in the status bar.
When you are in a panel, the panel title and subpanel title display.
Tip: Holding down the left mouse button on the panel button displays a description of the panel.

Figure 2. Distance Panel. Description of Distance panel is displayed in the status bar.

Errors messages and miscellaneous messages such as status updates or completed operations also display, and temporarily override the title and status information.

Messages are color-coded.
Error message.
Miscellaneous messages, such as status updates or completed operations. These messages appear in green when using HyperMesh classic dark menu colors and they appear in gray when using Windows light menu colors.

Figure 3. Error Message

Click a mouse button to remove a message from the status bar.

Current Collector

The right side of the status bar displays the current include, component and load collector.
Tip: Quickly change the active collector by clicking the name of the collector in the corresponding box on the status bar to open the appropriate panel which lists the available collectors.

Figure 4. Current Collectors