AcuSolve Set Up Features

The following AcuSolve set up features are supported in Engineering Solutions via the Solver Browser.

Problem Description

  • Title
  • Analysis type (Steady State or Transient)
  • Flow equation (Navier Stokes)
  • Abs. pressure offset
  • Temperature equation (Advective Diffusive or None)
  • Abs. temperature offset
  • Radiation equation (Enclosure or None)
  • Turbulence model (Laminar, Spalart Allmaras, SST, K Omega, Detached Eddy Simulation, SST DES, Dynamic LES, Classical LES)
  • Mesh type (Fixed or Fully Specified)

Solver Settings

  • Max time steps
  • Final time
  • Initial time increment
  • Auto time increment
  • Multiplier Function
  • Convergence tolerance
  • Min stagger iterations
  • Max stagger iterations
  • Relaxation factor
  • Flow
  • Temperature
  • Temperature flow
  • Enclosure radiation
  • Turbulence

For full support of all AcuSolve features, use AcuConsole. A model can be transferred from Engineering Solutions to AcuConsole by clicking the icon in the CFD toolbar.