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Engineering Solutions Optimization technology is supported by OptiStruct.

OptiStruct is a finite element and multi-body dynamics software application which can be used to design and optimize structures and mechanical systems. OptiStruct uses the analysis capabilities of Radioss and MotionSolve to compute responses for optimization.
Note: OptiStruct has its own complete help system that you can consult for greater detail. This chapter is only an overview of the concepts involved.

Structural Design and Optimization

Structural design tools include topology, topography and free-size optimization. Sizing, shape and free shape optimization are available for structural optimization. In the formulation of design and optimization problems, the following responses can be applied as the objective or as constraints: compliance, frequency, volume, mass, moment of inertia, center of gravity, displacement, velocity, acceleration, buckling factor, stress, strain, composite failure, force, synthetic response and external (user defined) functions. Static, inertia relief, nonlinear gap, normal modes, buckling and frequency response solutions can be included in a multi-disciplinary optimization setup.

Setting Up Optimization

All of your optimization entities can be managed through three different ways; the Model Browser's Optimization View, the menu bar or the panels.

The first thing you should do is start with a running model of your analysis type supported by Radioss or MotionSolve. From here the optimization setup is very simple process, called DRCO. Each letter is a stage in the process: defining or creating your Design space, creating your Responses, defining your Constraints and define your Objective.