Collectors Menu

NVH offers the following functions in the Collectors menu:
Create and modify assemblies, which are collections of component and multibody collectors or other assemblies.
Create and update components.
Load Collectors
Load collectors contain the loads applied to entities, such as pressures, fluxes or forces.
Vector Collectors
Vector collectors contain vectors which can then be used to define loads or transformations.
System Collectors
System collectors contain coordinate systems, which can then be applied to different components of a model.
Beam Section Collectors
BeamSection Collectors contain beam section data.
Multibodies are jointed bodies made up of multiple parts and are often used to simulate crash test dummies and similar objects during crash analysis.
Reorganize your database by copying or moving data (entities) among collectors or includes.
Change the name of a specific collector or to rename types of collectors to their respective ID with an optional prefix.
Renumber entities.
Change the order of named entities in database.
Change the color attributes of a collector.