Mesh Opacity Settings

Specify the mesh opacity as well as the opacity of windscreens triangles and aperture triangles.

The mesh opacity settings are available on the 3D View contextual tabs set, on the Mesh tab in the Opacity group.
Note: Only the opacity settings relevant are available. For example, if the model does not contain any windscreens the Windscreen icon is disabled.
Table 1. Display options for mesh opacity, windscreens triangles and aperture triangles.
Icon Icon text Description
Mesh opacity Specify the opacity for mesh elements.
Windscreen Specify the opacity for windscreen elements.
Aperture Specify the opacity for aperture elements.
Note: For all the opacity settings, a drop-down list is available to specify a custom opacity level. A level of 100% is equivalent to setting no opacity, and 0% is equivalent to full transparency.

Figure 1. Mesh opacity: 100% (left) and 20% (right).