Creating a Cartesian Graph

Create a Cartesian graph by searching and navigating the documentation.

The Cartesian graph will be used to display the two radiation pattern cuts.
  1. Search1 for Cartesian in the integrated help.
    The results returned in response to the Cartesian query includes Cartesian (object).
  2. Double-click CartesianGraph (object).
  3. View the CartesianGraph (object).
    Note: Since there can be multiple Cartesian graphs in the project, the CartesianGraph object is part of a collection.

    Figure 1. A snippet of the CartesianGraph object which shows the Parent collection list.
  4. Click the CartesianGraphCollection hyperlink to navigate to the CartesianGraphCollection description.

    Figure 2. A snippet of the CartesianGraphCollection which shows the Method list.
    Note: View the :Add method in the Method list.
    Note: CartesianGraphCollection resides under the Application object.

    Figure 3. A snippet of the CartesianGraphCollection object which shows Usage locations.
  5. Create the Cartesian graph using the following syntax.
    my_graph = app.CartesianGraphs:Add()
  6. Run the script created up to this point to view the progress in the GUI.

    Figure 4. The result in the POSTFEKO GUI after running the script.
1 Use “Look for” on the Index tab