Creating the Dipole

Create the bent dipole using a polyline with three corners. Define the dipole on a new workplane to allow for easy translation.

  1. On the Construct tab, in the Create curve group, click the  Polyline icon.
  2. Create a polyline.
    • Corner 1:
      • U: lambda/4*cos(alpha_rad)
      • V: 0
      • N: lambda/4*sin(alpha_rad)
    • Corner 2:
      • U: 0
      • V: 0
      • N: 0
    • Corner 3:
      • U: lambda/4*cos(alpha_rad)
      • V: 0
      • N: -lambda/4*sin(alpha_rad)
    • Label: Bent_dipole

    Note: Point-entry allows a variable or named points to be entered by pressing Ctrl+Shift+left click on a variable in the model tree.
  3. Modify the orientation of the polyline.
    1. On the Create polyline dialog, click the Workplane tab.
    2. Change the local origin to (d,0,0).
    3. Under the Rotate workplane group box, enter a value of 180 below the icon and click the icon once.

    The workplane is rotated 180° around the V axis.