Set the Persistence Behavior of the Tabs

Enable the persistence behavior of the tabs.

Currently, the persistence behavior is disabled. This means that when you click Files, Jobs, or Sessions tab it will take you to main landing for each view. For example, the default file path, the job listing view, the session listing view.

Enable the persistence behavior if you do not want to lose the last navigated folder path in the Files tab, last viewed job status in Jobs tab, last viewed job file in Output or Running Folder tab. It will retain the selection even after you switch from one tab to the other.

  1. Click .
  2. Select Preferences.
    Access Web Preferences is displayed.
  3. Click Persistence in the left panel.
    The Persistence panel is displayed.
    Note: By default, the persistence behavior of the tabs is disabled.

    Figure 1. Persistence
  4. Check the Enable persistence option to have the persistence behavior in the tabs.
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